about us

The mayans say the sky was born in Tulum, a magical place where one can be inspired by it’s spirit, lifestyle and food. Tulum is also the birthplace of our heavenly bistro DelCielo. Our menu of delicious healthy and homey treats brings you the taste of paradise closer to you. Welcome home baby!
We are creating healthy interpretations of the most popular bistro items
We work with local farmers  and suppliers from the region and go organic whenever possible, our coconut milk, butter, yogurt, granola, kombucha, sauerkraut, mammalades and salsas are homemade .
We cook with Mexican cold pressed, organic  olive, coconut oil, sea salt, our natural sweeteners are unrefined whole cane sugar, mayan bee and agave honey.
We try to minimize the use of plastics and offer you biodegradable containers to go.
Waste is being separated and compost is used to grow vegetables and fruits on our friends farm.

the owner and friend

Mato was born in communist Slovakia behind the “iron curtain” and barb wired border line. No surprise he became hungry for travel and exploring new cultures and flavours of the world.

When the velvet revolution brought freedom in 90’s all those possibilities sudenly exploded in front of his eyes. He began to work in travel and tourism business, so he could sate his wanderlust needs. Although busy with study at the University of economy in Bratislava and Vienna he never missed an opportunity to explore new countries and cultures.


Soon he discovered another of his passions. As a young man he started to organise tailor made travel experiences for clients with his own exclusive travel agency. While he learned to arrange unforgettable moments for them, he also nurtured his curiosity. He went from street cart to high end restaurant searching for the worlds best flavours. He’s always been bit crazy about the food, but real passionate love started on his journeys. He made sure no taste was hidden, when searching for authentic food being it on the streets of Bangkok, Marrakesh or Bali.

He was also one of the creators of legendary pop-up dinner “Eat me!” and finalist in the czecho-slovak version of TV show Masterchef. But he especially liked the social aspect of eating and getting together. With his friends in hometown Bratislava, they used to make every Thursday thematic dinner parties - they would meet in someone’s house and catch up on life over delicious food. He started to feel, that gastronomy could be his new profession. Most important was to learn, how to create unforgettable moments and use it later in restaurant business

Later in his life one trip brought him to a life changing experience in Ayurvedic clinic in Himalayas. “I remember it very clearly. We came back from a Mustang trek, I checked-in at the clinic and they offered me food - an amazing vegetarian feast.  The only thing they asked of me, was to sit down and chew on the food very slowly. And so there I was sitting on the terrace, looking at the majestic mountains and suddenly I realised that by all those years of bad eating habits and worst diets I was  just abusing myself in the name of our fast urban life. The one month of practising Ayuverda and study of this ancient system showed me, how we can use food as a medicine and drastically improve our life.”


Mato knew by than he wants to have a restaurant, but didn’t know where… until he felt in love with Tulum, little town in Mexican Caribbean with alike minded community. He opened small restaurant, where he could do his interpretation of modern nourishing cuisine and that place quickly turned itself into a meeting point for locals and tourists. And the rest is a history :)